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08 January 2019

The International Private Equity and Venture Capital Guidelines (2018 Guidelines) were released on the 21 December 2018 and these supersede the 2015 Guidelines. 

26 November 2018

The EU Strategy for External Taxation includes standards to encourage good tax governance as part of the EUs efforts to evaluate Third Countries. While having been recognised for being fully aligned to tax transparency standards and for its compliance with BEPS, Guernsey has had to map out its...

15 October 2018

Review of the main market for the six months to June 2018

08 October 2018

BDO shares an update on Guernsey's document duty legislation which replaces the existing legislation (the Document Duty (Guernsey) Law, 1973 and the Document Duty (Guernsey) Ordinance, 2003) imposing a duty on transfers of interests in real property that do not involve a registered conveyance and...

13 August 2018

Discover why businesses that react to risks and opportunities quickest and most effectively through agility and innovation will thrive and how the world’s leading risk experts plan to overcome the risks they face.

26 July 2018

BDO’s healthcare leaders offer their take on the investment trends that will transform elderly care.

18 July 2018

William Callewaert and Steve Desmond share their experience of so called 'Zombie funds' - those funds operating beyond their original anticipated life span.

17 May 2018

In an article which originally appeared in the Guernsey Press, funds and asset management specialist Justin Hallett, a director at BDO, assesses the implications of the new IFRS 15 and 16 standards.

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