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Richard Searle , Managing Director |

04 December 2018

Richard Searle, Managing Director of BDO Limited, talks about the future of client relationships and the new brand campaign that will be taking the firm into the New Year. 

It’s estimated that by 2020 customers of brands will manage 85% of their relationships without talking to a human being. Surprised? Well, with the onslaught of information about AI and advanced technology, perhaps not. Mapping out the response that businesses have to this prediction is the opportunity.

Perhaps contrary to the stats, at BDO our strategy into 2019 and beyond is to place more and not less emphasis on people. For our brand, it’s our people who set the standard for the audit, accounting, tax and business advisory services we offer. On every interaction, they reinforce what it’s like to work with BDO in Guernsey and all over the world. Indeed, feedback from our clients underpins this understanding. It’s the experience, know-how and personality that we bring to our client relationships which combine to form our culture and provide that distinctive feel. 

Given this focus on people, are we at odds with what the future of technology is telling us? We don’t think so. We’re already seeing technology as enabling BDO to have stronger and more productive client interactions in the interests of helping the people and businesses with whom we work succeed.  Downloadable and accessible client data shifts our role towards analysing, assessing and future planning and away from entering, checking and rechecking information.    

This is where we want to be and technology is only going to help us to ensure that those client relationships are geared towards making a difference to our clients’ businesses and ensuring their success in reaching their ambitions. 

Good people will always make a difference in our world. The quality of our work and delivering results for our clients are some of the factors that define our effectiveness. For this, people are essential because of the care and attention we can offer. At BDO, we appreciate the difference in working with real people who recommend solutions, bring capability, passion and personality to each project and who commit to achieving the outcome.

So, we’re closing off 2018 and greeting 2019 with our new brand campaign and strapline “Ideas, People, Trust”. In short, quality people, offering real solutions who are committed to delivering great results.  Technology will continue to enhance our brand and allow us to do what we are best at.