Q3 Statistics for Guernsey funds

Justin Hallett , Executive Director |

18 December 2018

Executive director Justin Hallett comments on the latest statistics for Guernsey's funds sector as published by the GFSC.

New figures from the Guernsey Financial Services Commission that report on the third quarter (ended 30 September 2018) reflect a 1.5% increase in the net asset value of the total funds under management and administration in Guernsey which now stand at £280 billion.

Justin Hallett, an executive director of BDO in Guernsey, commented: “There have been 15 news funds authorised in the quarter with 7 of these having taken advantage of Guernsey’s fast track Private Investment Fund regime.”

“The statistics report the highest numbers for assets under management since 2013 whilst the overall number of funds has decreased over that period. This reflects the change in investing dynamics resulting from a continual focus on total expense ratios along with larger funds together with larger investors (i.e. pension funds and government funds) having significant funds for investment. These need to be able to invest those funds in a diverse manner without an excessive number of investments on which to undertake due diligence which incurs costs due to the necessity of ongoing monitoring.”

“The statistics continue to demonstrate Guernsey’s global recognition for its stability, pragmatic regulation and demonstrable substance in times of global uncertainty”.

For a full overview of growth statistics visit: https://www.gfsc.gg/industry-sectors/investment/statistics