Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to making a real and sustainable difference.

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We understand that the talent and energy we have can contribute to the kind of society we all want to live in.


We are reducing and minimising our impact on the environment and are promoting environmental awareness amongst partners and staff.

CSR page

Environmental Policy

Our commitments go beyond what is required for compliance. Quite apart from any moral considerations, becoming more efficient and sustainable reduces costs and contributes to the exceptional client service we aspire to. We are taking a range of measures to reduce our impact. The use of more sustainable and recycled stationery is an example of improvements made. Engaging our people and involving them in shaping our environmental programme is essential to achieving success. Contributing to the success of our environmental programme reflects our core value of personal responsibility. We expect all our partners and staff to promote an environmentally aware culture and help us to meet the targets we set to improve our environmental performance. If you have any questions about our environmental commitments please contact us.