The insurance industry is a core focus for BDO and we are proud of our longstanding connection to the sector.  

We work across the full range of structures, from incorporated cell companies (ICC’s), protected cell companies (PCC’s) and ILS, to pure captives and rent-a-cell insurance. 

Our track record and focus combine to offer deep experience of the many and varied types of risks being managed and placed through captive insurance special purpose vehicles in Guernsey. 

Our Clients

In choosing BDO, our insurance clients benefit from:

  • Professionals with extensive experience and knowledge of the insurance industry in Guernsey leading to proactive, tailored and targeted advice
  • Consistent teams supporting each client account
  • Certainty in our ready understanding of the challenges our clients face and of the importance of managing financial, operational and regulatory risk
  • Ready access to the BDO global network providing international support and a world-wide integrated service

Our Services

  • Bespoke audit and assurance services
  • Compliance with accounting and regulatory reporting requirements
  • Valuations services
  • Liquidation services
  • Taxation advice


Captive Insurance in Guernsey

  • Companies in the UK, Europe, Ireland, USA, Middle East, Asia, South Africa, Australia and the Caribbean have and continue to establish captives here
  • There are over 800 licensed international insurance entities
  • Approximately 40% of the UK FTSE 100 have Guernsey domiciled captives
  • Guernsey pioneered the Protected Cell Company concept, the PCC, in 1997 and progressed to introduce the Incorporated Cell Company concept, the ICC
  • Guernsey is tax neutral with 0% corporation tax
  • Outside of the EU, Guernsey has not sought equivalence with Solvency II requirements
  • Guernsey offers sophisticated legislation, pragmatic regulation and significant insurance management expertise.