Employer & Employee Tax Planning

Employer & Employee Tax Planning

Employment Tax

At BDO we understand that staff motivation is a key driver of successful business.  Those businesses which retain talented people, attract new employees and reward long serving members of their teams are in a strong market position. Staff incentives may take many different forms depending on the needs of the business, the personal circumstances of employees and the motivation issues to be addressed.

Our Tax team works with employers to determine the most tax efficient methods of structuring remuneration packages for new or existing employees taking into account the blend of salary, bonus, pension and other benefits that are often component factors.

For our clients the output is an analysis of your requirements and an efficient remuneration package for new and existing employees.


Social Insurance Contributions

Social Insurance Contributions are an often overlooked area of taxation.  In Guernsey, unlike many other jurisdictions, they can be imposed upon the income of non-employed individuals as well as employers, employees and the self-employed.

At BDO we advise on the level of contributions that an employer or individual is required to make, the timing of payments and any options and elections that can be made. We often work with individuals who have recently arrived in, or departed from, Guernsey or with individuals who are on secondment.