Audit Process

Audit Process

Our internationally developed audit methodology facilitates and enhances audit quality, and is designed to meet applicable national and international standards. Our methodology and approach has been designed to help you understand what the risks in your business are, and how to face them.

We keep you ahead of relevant financial reporting and related legislative and technical changes, and provide you with proactive advice to maximise the potential of your business through the expertise of our people.

Our Audit Process Tool uses core Microsoft technologies which enable us to work online, offline, in peer to peer networks and to share files within audit teams across countries and seas. This software evaluates the audit risk in various areas and functions of the business and then directs us towards the major risk areas that must be carefully audited. It is our primary audit execution software that enables us to complete the audit as efficiently as possible.

The benefits of this specially designed Tool include:

  • 'one methodology' and 'one tool' in use across our network
  • promotes the consistent performance of high quality, effective and efficient audits
  • ensures compliance with the clarified International Standards on Auditing (ISAs)
  • provides scalability of our audit approach and tool to fit all audit engagements

For more information please contact Justin Hallett.