Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy

Colour Accounting,the highly successful learning framework which helps senior business leaders, board members and management teams to master their financial know-how is available in  the Channel Islands through BDO Guernsey.

BDO holds Colour Accounting open workshops as well as online workshops to give non-financial managers in Guernsey organisations all the benefits of being financially literate. Bespoke workshops, which are tailored to the circumstances of particular organisations are also available. 

Managers and business owners are expected to have a good level of financial knowledge, and now due to the backdrop of the challenging economic environment caused by COVID 19 financial knowledge is particularly vital. 

Until now, getting to grips with complex financial concepts has been easier said than done. That’s where Colour Accounting comes in.

Colour Accounting is a highly successful accounting training programme that uses real life examples that delegates can relate to easily. Internationally, it’s the method proven to make non-financial managers confident masters of the financial essentials, and all in just one day.

The presentation is also a lot of fun, and at the end of the day, you can expect to have gained a sound, practical working knowledge of important accounting principles that you can use every day.

To enquire about Colour Accounting or to book a workshop, contact us. 

BDO is the exclusive provider of Colour Accounting across the Channel Islands.